Scary Hockey Goalie Mask Earth Globe Squeeze Toy Stress Ball Fake Foam Baguette Bread Loaf
Scary Hockey Goalie Mask
Our Price : $10.99
Bandit Zorro Eye Mask Non-Woven Black Child's Unicorn Headband Pink Novelty Giant Black Super Hero or Villian Bandit Eye Mask
Dripping Blood Halloween Party Choker Sexy Bunny Half Mask White Life Size Foam Heart Gory Halloween Prop

Novelty Giant: Unique & Out Of This World Gifts!

Halloween, birthdays, anniversaries – any time is a great time for gag gifts from Novelty Giant. Adult novelty gifts like hand soap in the shape of a hand make for a funny present on someone's birthday. Fun gifts for adults, such as deluxe bacon wallets and emergency underwear, are a great alternative to ties and other boring presents. Adults aren't the only ones who enjoy gag gifts; kids can also enjoy our unique party favors like our garden gnome on the throne and the sit-while-you-play potty piano.

Novelty Giant differs from the standard novelty toy store online. We cater to both adults and kids, providing everything from gag gifts to costumes for holidays and birthday parties. We have weird and wacky gifts like poop masks or an emergency inflatable brain for when you need a decoy in a zombie invasion. Whether you're looking for a fun gadget or a horse mask, find the perfect item that makes everyone bust out laughing at Novelty Giant.